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     April 1, 2019      #81-91 SsK
This image provided Thursday May 13, 2010 by Tribune Media Services Inc, shows the first “Little Orphan Annie” strip from Aug. 5, 1924, written and illustrated by creator Harold Gray. The strip later was renamed simply “Annie.”

Tribune Media Services

Looking Back: 'Annie' creator was born in Kankakee

By Jack Klasey

On Friday, May 10, 1968, Kankakee Daily Journal readers found a story that began with these words:

“Harold L. Gray, 74, a native of Kankakee, the creator of ‘Little Orphan Annie,’ the ageless comic strip moppet, died Thursday in the Scripps Memorial Hospital at LaJolla, Calif.”

Gray’s cartoon character, labeled “America’s favorite comic kid,” was a 12-year-old with a mop of curly red hair who had escaped from an orphanage and was adopted by Daddy Warbucks, one of the world’s richest ...

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Little Orphan Annie and her faithful dog, Sandy.

Image courtesy of the Kankakee County Museum

Jack Klasey
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