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     May 21, 2019      #3B-141 SsK
Home on leave in late 1945, Frank Morgan is shown with his family: daughter Shirley, wife Beatrice, and son Jerry. The photo originally appeared in the Chicago Daily News.

Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive

Jack Klasey: Frank Morgan, WWII Local Hero 

By Jack Klasey

In spring 1941 Frank Morgan, of Kankakee, was shipping stockings for the Bear Brand Hosiery Co. In spring 1944, he was capturing German soldiers in Italy for the U.S. Army.

On May 23, 1944, a Chicago Tribune story on fighting between Allied and German forces near the coastal town of Terracina included a paragraph noting, “Prisoners were taken by an outfit commanded by Lt. Col. Frank Morgan, 321 S. Fourth Avenue, Kankakee, Ill.”

Morgan’s hometown newspaper, the Kankakee Republican-News, treated his exploit more extensively, stretching the ...

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Jack Klasey
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