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     July 19, 2019      #6C-200 SsK

The Largest Funeral Kankakee Has Ever Seen 

By Jack Klasey
Looking Back

Wednesday, June 28, 1922, dawned sunny and pleasant...a perfect late-Spring day in Kankakee.

However, to match the mood of the city's residents and a huge crowd of "out-of-towners," the weather should have been gray, gloomy, and depressing.

On that day, Ida Moore Small —wife of Illinois Governor Len Small—would be laid to rest at Kankakee's Mound Grove Cemetery, just two days after her untimely death from a stroke at the couple's home on Station Street. The Kankakee Daily Republican would describe attendance at the funeral (estimated at 20,000) as “The largest crowd perhaps ever to attend a funeral service in Illinois.”

Mrs. Small was ...

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Jack Klasey
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