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     August 19, 2019      #8C-231 SsK

Greenhouses once sprouted in Kankakee 

Invernaderos brotaron una vez en Kankakee

By Jack Klasey

In 1867, only 14 years after Kankakee was settled, an immigrant from Luxembourg named John Faber built the city’s first commercial greenhouse. Offering a variety of flowers and vegetable plants, the Faber Floral and Greenhouse Co. would be a major supplier for local customers for more than 130 years.

Faber’s would not be alone in meeting Kankakee’s floral needs: Through the years, several other successful greenhouse businesses would be established. Names such as Raasch’s Sunnyside Greenhouse, Splear Brothers Greenhouse, Schafer’s Greenhouse and Alonzo Burt’s Greenhouse thrived here at various times over ...

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Jack Klasey
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