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     September 27, 2019      #3D-270 SsK

Beckman Park monument mystery solved 

El misterio del monumento de Beckman Park resuelto

By Jack Klasey

For more than 50 years, people visiting Kankakee's Beckman Park have been puzzled by a dome-shaped construction on a grassy area along the north side of Cobb Boulevard. Built of large, rounded fieldstones, the 6-foot-tall object would seem to be a monument of some sort — but it displays no commemorative plaque, only a blank oval area on the side facing Cobb Boulevard.

The "mystery monument" actually did, many years ago, include a bronze plaque identifying its reason for existence. On the plaque were the words: "Waterman Park, named in honor of Frank D. Waterman, former resident and loyal friend of Kankakee, August ...

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Jack Klasey
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