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     October 3, 2019      #12-276 SsK

Jack Klasey: McBroom's Restaurant once the place

Jack Klasey: McBroom 's Restaurant una vez fue el

By Jack Klasey

For almost a quarter century, the phrase “Meet me at McBroom’s” brought Kankakeeans together at a spot on North Schuyler Avenue for a cup of coffee, a “businessman’s lunch,” a club meeting or a steak dinner.

From 1925 until it closed its doors in 1949, McBroom’s Restaurant at 151-153 N. Schuyler Ave. was the downtown gathering spot for the community’s civic and business leaders, the place where commercial decisions were hammered out and political deals were struck.

It also was the premier destination for an “evening out.” A 1927 ...

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Jack Klasey
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