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     October 3, 2019      #65-276 SsK

Looking back: Kankakee’s big Depression giveaway

Mirando hacia atrás: el gran regalo de la depresión de Kankakee

By Jack Klasey

On Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 24, 1932, thousands of people stood shoulder-to-shoulder, filling Schuyler Avenue from Court Street almost to Station Street. The crowd spilled over into Merchant Street on either side of Schuyler; it was possibly the largest and most concentrated gathering ever to occur in downtown Kankakee.

The focus of the crowd’s attention was a pair of large flatbed trucks parked in the center of the Schuyler and Merchant intersection. On one of the trucks was a large rotating drum half-filled with paper tickets. On the other was a tall, four-sided blackboard on which the numbers of ...

A massive crowd fills Schuyler Avenue from Merchant Street to Court Street on Feb. 24, 1932, for the first Kankakee Prosperity Monthly Sales Day prize drawing.
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Jack Klasey
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