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     February 24, 2020      #7A-55 SsK
Edouard Beaupré, at center, towers over the other men in the group leaving L. N. Betourne’s Sample Room in Kankakee. The photo, by Kankakee photographer Walter Schneider, was possibly taken in Spring 1904, only months before Beaupré died in St. Louis at the age of 23.

Courtesy of the Kankakee

Klasey: The giant who visited Kankakee 

By Jack Klasey

Edouard Beaupré, one of history’s tallest men, visited Kankakee twice — once in life and once in death.

Literally a giant who eventually surpassed 8 feet in height, Beaupré was born on Jan. 9, 1881, in the tiny frontier town of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan, Canada. The oldest of his parents’ 20 children, Edouard “weighed between 9 and 14 pounds at birth,” according to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. He began growing rapidly at the age of 7, and by age 9, was more than 6 feet tall. Beaupré topped 7 feet by age 17, and never stopped growing until his death in 1904, when his height was ...

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Jack Klasey
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