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     March 30, 2020      #1F-90 SsK
Displaying their four perfect hands for a Kankakee Daily Journal photographer are, seated from left, Mrs. Harry (Betty) Lehman, Mrs. Lester (Arlene) Wagner, Mrs. Albert (Irene) Sellers, and Mrs. Gordon (Ethel) Hay. Standing is hostess Miss Grace Gilliland.

Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive

KLASEY: Beating the odds at bridge 

KLASEY: superando las probabilidades en el puente

By Jack Klasey

On March 28, 1963 — 57 years ago today — a mathematical miracle occurred in Kankakee.

The miracle? Four perfect hands of cards dealt to Kankakee women playing their semi-monthly game of bridge. Each of the players held a hand comprised of a full suit of cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, King, Queen, Ace. Irene Sellers held diamonds, Arlene Wagner had hearts, Ethel Hay held spades, and Betty Lehman had clubs.

As calculated by the Remington Rand Corporation, the odds of any one player being dealt a perfect suit are high enough — about 158 billion to 1 — but the odds ...

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The four bridge players were honored at a luncheon held at the Kankakee Holiday Inn (now Quality Inn) after their return from New York. From left, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Hay, Mrs. Sellers, Mrs. Lehman, and hotel manager Edward W. Davis.

Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive

Jack Klasey
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