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     May 7, 2020      #9F-128 SsK

Edwin R. Beardsley, a renowned builder of

Edwin R. Beardsley, un reconocido constructor de

By Jack Klasey

On Oct. 3, 1903, a new dam stretching 565 feet across the Kankakee River was dedicated at Waldron (Aroma Park). The new dam was just downstream of an older dam that had failed three years earlier.

Reporting on the event the following day, the Kankakee Daily Republican noted that “The new dam is known as the Beardsley gravity dam, and is probably the last to be built under the personal supervision of Mr. Beardsley, who has an exceptional record, in that he has built a hundred such dams since he first entered the business.”

The “Mr. Beardsley” referred to by the ...

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Jack Klasey
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