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     May 11, 2020      #3G-132 SsK
The Kankakee County Poor Farm as it appeared in 1939. The large stone building at left was erected in 1893; the two wooden structures at center and most of the farm buildings were on the property when the Kankakee County Board purchased the property in 1890. The poor farm shut down in 1958, and the

LOOKING BACK: When Kankakee had a "Poor

MIRANDO HACIA ATRÃS: Cuando Kankakee tuvo un "Pobre

Bluesmen Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs once sang about an institution that existed in many American communities:

“I’m old, I’m helpless and feeble

And the days of my youth have gone by

And it’s over the hill to the poor house

I must wander alone there to die.”

Although it didn’t require climbing a hill to get there, Kankakee County did have a “poor house” (actually, a poor farm) for more than a century. The ...

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