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     May 18, 2020      #4G-139 SsK

Henry Pope Sr. was Kankakee's connection to

Henry Pope Sr. fue la conexión de Kankakee con

By Jack Klasey

In the spring of 1922, two poliomyelitis (polio) victims — the 21-year-old daughter of a Kankakee industrialist and a prominent 39-year-old political figure from New York —were patients at a Boston hospital. Both were receiving physical therapy and going through the lengthy process of being fitted for leg braces.

Margaret Pope was the only daughter of Henry Pope Sr., owner of the Bear Brand Hosiery Company; Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a rising political figure who had been the unsuccessful Democratic Party candidate for vice president in the 1920 election.

Henry Pope Sr.

During their ...

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Jack Klasey
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