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     May 26, 2020      #5G-147 SsK
The Foley & Williams Manufacturing Company erected this building in 1902 to produce sewing machines. From 1908 to 1911, the McIntyre Watch Company rented space in the building. INSET: Fred McIntyre, a native of Pennsylvania, came to Kankakee in 1908 to open the McIntyre Watch Company. Although it an

The McIntyre Watch Co. ran out of time 

McIntyre Watch Co. se quedó sin tiempo

By Jack Klasey

If you were in John G. Knecht’s clothing store in downtown Kankakee in the early 1900s and needed to know the time of day, you could have asked one of the well-dressed salesmen. He would promptly grasp a small gold chain to pull a large watch out of his vest pocket, click open its protective lid, and tell you the correct time.

Until wristwatches became popular in the 1920s, timepieces for both men and women were, literally, “pocket watches.” For men, the most popular-sized timepieces were about 1½ inches to 1¾ inches in diameter; women’s watches were smaller, typically between 1 inch and 1½ ...

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Jack Klasey
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