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     June 8, 2020      #7G-160 SsK

Azariah Buck paves way for 'Old People's

Azariah Buck allana el camino para 'Old People's

By Jack Klasey

Pioneer Herscher businessman Azariah Buck, in his 1905 will, set aside a substantial sum of money “for the erection of the home for old people, who are worthy and needful ... but are deserving...in the declining years of life.”

It would take 63 years for his wishes to be carried out: on April 1, 1970, the first residents moved into Heritage House, the Kankakee retirement facility built with funds from the Azariah Buck Old People’s Home Trust.

Buck and his wife Catherine were among the earliest settlers of western Kankakee County. They arrived here in 1854, opening a ...

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Jack Klasey
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