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The first Kankakee County Courthouse was completed in April 1854. It was built with stone from the Wiley Creek quarry, which adjoined the Limestone precinct polling place that returned 250 votes in favor of Kankakee Depot as the county seat. Architect of the building was W.W. Boyington, who also des

1853: The year Kankakee County was born 

1853: el año en que nació el condado de Kankakee

By Jack Klasey

If you lived in what is now Kankakee County in the 1840s or early 1850s, a trip to the county courthouse to pay taxes, record a property deed, or serve on a jury, was an exhausting, daylong trip on horseback.

At that time, the area north of the Kankakee River was part of Will County; the county seat was in Joliet. People living south of the river were in Iroquois County; they had to travel to Middleport (just north of present-day Watseka).

On rare occasions, a county official would travel in the reverse direction, turning up on your doorstep. Pioneer historian Burt Burroughs told the ...

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Jack Klasey
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