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The six original townships created when Kankakee County was formed in 1853 greatly varied in size and shape. Only Yellowhead Township remains unchanged. The land that later became Essex and Norton townships was annexed in 1855.

Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive

KLASEY: Filling out the county map 


By Jack Klasey

When the elected officials of the new county of Kankakee held their first official meeting, county government was literally homeless: A county seat had not yet been chosen by voters.

That meeting, which took place before the June 21, 1853, vote that selected Kankakee Depot as the county seat, was held at the Momence home of County Judge Philip Worcester. Also attending were Associate judges Orson Beebe and Henry S. Bloom, Sheriff George Byrns and County Clerk George Stowell. On the agenda was an important step, dividing the new county into townships.

Six townships, considerably varying ...

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Today, Kankakee County has 17 townships; the map has remained unchanged since the last township, Pembroke, was organized in 1877.

Photos courtesy of the Kankakee County Museum Photo Archive

Jack Klasey
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